Revolutionizing Animal Birth Control by developing an edible contraceptive for animals

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Our Story

After years of dedicated animal care and environmental activism, and faced with the ineffective results in controlling the surge of animal litters and the subsequent damages to the environment and urban living, we realized that the world urgently needs an accessible, easy-to-use solution to address this pressing urban challenge.

Our Solution

ekine’s edible contraceptive, based on a unique know-how of our scientists, will be easily administered to both pets and countless strays as part of their daily routine feed. ekine’s product is good for people animals and the environment:

Total Addressable Market
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Damages caused by animals׳ overpopulation
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Animals in urban zones
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of pets are not sterilized
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Sterilization stands out as a very effective solution, and we actively encourage pet parents to sterilize their pets. However, there is a notable underuse of sterilization, with around 40% of pet owners choosing not to pursue this option. Additionally, when employed as a standalone method, sterilization falls short in addressing the complex issue of stray animals, achieving a sterilization rate of less than 5%. This underscores the urgency for ekine’s solution, which is now essential in effectively curbing the uncontrolled propagation of animals in urban zones.

While it may be challenging to ensure that every animal will consistently receive ekine-inside food, a significant number of stray animals, in urban areas, either rely on feeding stations or individuals who feed within communities. This suggests that a substantial portion of these animals is likely to receive an adequate amount, that will reduce fertility as intended.

Certainly, ekine’s product is designed to have an impact on both females and males, thereby enhancing the safeguarding of roaming animals against unwanted pregnancies.

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Our Team

ekine’s team has a combined expertise in the fields of R&D, biochemistry, veterinary medicine, operations and business development. The team successfully completed a POC funded by the IIA

Dr. Sharon Rozenblat

PhD - Product Development Lead

Biotech industry experience in developing IP-protected products from idea to market. Specializing in plant extracts developing groundbreaking high-performance IP-protected products.

Dr. Pierre Sharvit

DVM - Medical Director

Veterinary Doctor, expert in fertility and clinical trials, completed a fertility related post-doctorat at the Weizmann Institute. extensive knowledge in experimental surgery in the biotech industry.

Eden Dagan

Co-founder & Co-CEO

Entrepreneur, animal welfare activist and resources development specialist, founder of a Startup in the crowdfunding field.

Yael Policker

Co-founder & Co-CEO

Food Engineer, MBA , operations and supply chain executive, vast experience in managing innovation in food-tech startups.

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